Who’s Walking Who? Stop Leash Pulling


I confess: have a leash puller. Maezie is 4 years old and I have not yet broken her of some pretty bad habits. Yes, she jumps, but then she does that adorable “Basset Hound sitting like a human thing” that turns me to mush and makes me forget that she almost tackled me as I came in the door. But leash pulling is one habit I need to break her of. It’s a matter of safety – hers and mine. When Molly was a puppy, she pulled. Oh man, did she ever pull. And as she got bigger, she got stronger and the pulling had to be stopped. I bought her a Sporn harness, which gently tightened under her front legs (in the armpit area) and she learned to stop pulling. With Winston, it took obedience training. With Maezie, it will likely take a miracle…or will it? Read on:

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