The McFreckles Pets Story

Welcome to McFreckles Pets!


The McFreckles Hounds! Left to right: Winston, Molly, and Maezie


The inspiration for my line of pet products comes from my own brood of Basset Hounds. Molly, Winston, and Maezie, affectionately known by many as the McFreckles Hounds are the lights of my life and master toy-destroyers. I began making dog toys after watching them mangle yet another expensive and supposedly chew-resistant toy. Grabbing some unused fleece fabric I had stashed away, I sat down one Sunday morning and began to fashion a tug toy (they are champion tuggers!). It was goofy-looking and full of mistakes, but they quickly trotted off into the living room and began their attempts to destroy it. I have since improved upon the original tug toy to make it stronger and, well, less goofy-looking.

Since that Sunday morning, I have expanded my product line to include plush toys, bandanas, and collar accessories. And don’t forget the kitties! McFreckles Pets has a line of cat toys to entertain your feline friend (and let’s face it, it’s just as entertaining for us). All products are designed and handmade by me.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my stuff as much as I enjoy making it. And as for that goofy-looking tug toy – it’s alive and well in their toy box.

Peace & Love,


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